Spiffy Pro Tips

This app allows you to request, confirm and securely pay for car wash and detail appointments.

Icons You Should Know...

Appointment requests begin with a date and time.

Then you add a service location.

Each appointment needs one vehicle but may have multiple vehicles.

Each service menu item is attached to a vehicle and each vehicle may only have one service attached to it currently.

Your locations and vehicles are conveniently saved for future use.

Open text boxes allow you to share more information about how to find your location, where we pick up keys and what aspects of your selected service are most important to you.

Spiffy World Wide Headquarters (Spiffy) will confirm the details of your appointment request within one business day (usually much faster).

Spiffy will communicate with you via in app messaging, text messaging and email.

You must rate all services before paying.

All payments are by credit card in the app.

App performance may vary based on cellular data connection speeds.